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tower garden toronto restaurant
This is an example of a cool Tower Garden setup in one of the best restuarants in Toronto. We are growing all kinds of funky herbs to add to cool drinks and dishes.  

We are using Mojito Mint (the real one from Cuba) in our Mojitos. Chocolate mint and grapefruit mint in our desserts. 

One of our favourites is Honey Melon Sage which has an addictive sweet scent but is savoury. Its awesome! 

We have a maintenance program where we will attend your restaurant on a regular basis to ensure the Tower is running optimally.  We can also source and supply different plants for you to use in your own creations. 

It doesn't get more local then inside your own kitchen! 
For more information about these awesome growing systems please see visit the corporate Tower Garden Website

If you are not sure if a Tower Garden is for you please Contact Us