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We primarily operate in the greater Toronto area and we are happy to help throughout Canada by shipping Tower Gardens throughout as well as lessons.

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At Home Organic Farms is proud to carry the revolutionary Tower Garden System.
Wonder how it compares to conventional gardening?
  • Grow 30% more, 3x faster with 98% less water and 90% less space than a conventional garden and virtually anywhere
We are here to help you get the most out of your Tower Garden! 
  • Product ordering
  • Delivery and setup
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and starting again
  • Re-ordering supplies or experimenting with different growing techniques
  • Tower gardens can grow Cannabis too! (where permitted by law)

Ready to get growing? 

Get growing for as low as $62.50/month for 12 months (or a one time payment of $750) plus HST and delivery. Click Here to be whisked away to the official Tower Garden website to place your order. 
Our 4x8 Vegetable Gardens are more complicated during the COVID19 crisis, but we still want to help urban famers grow their own amazing produce from their backyards. 

Our Cedar vegetable gardens come complete with:

- 4x8' cedar raised bed garden that sits 15" high
- two trellises - one netting based trellis for peas or cucumbers and the other for tomatoes
- fencing to keep the critters out
- great soil specific for vegetable gardens
- natural soil amendments - organic preferred
- 32 sqft of plants - a mixture of seeds and seedlings* 
- delivery and construction**
- 60min video class on how to plant and care for your garden

*depends on variety and availability
**installation depends on the ease at a wheelbarrow fits and garden target location

For more information about these awesome growing systems please Contact Us

If you are not sure if a Tower Garden is for you please Contact Us